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Find the best library databases for your research.


New / Trial Databases

The following databases are newly acquired or being evaluated for a future subscription.
Blooms Literature offers a comprehensive resource for the study of literature. Edited and curated by Yale University professor Harold Bloom, one of the worlds leading literary scholars, this database includes thousands of critical essays; author biographies, interviews, and profiles; character analyses; the full content of hundreds of books from our extensive reference collection and more than 1,000 classic works of literature; thousands of questions for discussion and writing; thousands of full-length poems; essays providing guidance on writing papers; full-length videos of classic stage performances and film adaptations of literary works; and a Shakespeare Center housing in one convenient location the databases treasure trove of content on all things Shakespeare.
The award-winning Fergusons Career Guidance Center is a comprehensive resource for career exploration and planning. This database includes 140 industry profiles; more than 3,000 profession profiles; a graduate, undergraduate, nursing, and vocational school finder and database; an internship and apprenticeship database; a financial aid database; step-by-step education and career-planning timelines; an extensive, 180-question career assessment; exclusive career profile video interviews; a sample rsum and cover letter database; and an industry associations and resources directory.
Infobase eBooks features thousands of core reference works from acclaimed imprints such as Facts On File, Ferguson's, and Bloom's on a wide range of subjects areas, from history to science, literature, and more.
Perfect for research, debates, and discussions, Polling the Nations is a critically acclaimed online database of public opinion polls containing the full text of more than 700,000 questions and responses from more than 18,000 surveys and 1,700 polling organizations, conducted from 1986 through the present in the United States and more than 100 other countries around the world. Polling the Nations sheer comprehensiveness makes it the best resource for polling data, having more surveys from more sources in more countries than any other resource anywhere.
A legal research database that provides an array of interconnected primary and analytical law content to help students get a more complete understanding of the issue they are studying. Primary law includes access to federal and state caselaw, statutes, and regulations. Additionally, Campus Research provides access to thousands of analytical resources including American Jurisprudence, 2d., American Law Reports, and more than 800 law reviews and journals from law schools across the country. Research in nearly every academic discipline: business, marketing, accounting, criminal justice, health, social sciences, history, political science, and more; intersects with law. So all students can benefit from the comprehensive primary and analytical law-related sources readily available on Campus Research.
For more than 75 years, World News Digest has been a go-to resource for context and background on key issues of both historical events and breaking news. With more than 300,000 original articles and a vast archive covering every major event since its inception, this database offers concise summaries of current events and clearly written essays on the top issues of the day. Hundreds of institutionsincluding CNN, ABC News, the CBC, NPR, and the parliaments of Canada and Australia, to name just a fewrely on World News Digest for a broader view of the issues that matter today.