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English Composition & Literature: Literary Criticism

Library Resources for assignments in Lanier Tech's English 1101, 1102, 2110 & 2130 Composition and Literature courses

Finding Literary Criticism on the Web


Google the title of a literary work or the name of an author.  There are zillions of "lit crit" websites, so evaluate your results carefully. For information on evaluating sites, check out our Finding Reliable Sources libguide. Who created the site - are they an English professor or an unidentified ardent fan of the author?  Who is allowed to post content?  Do they have some kind of quality control?   

Another Google trick: while not foolproof, good lit crit websites are likely to emanate from educational institutions and organizations. Try a Google search like the following (quotation marks included) to unearth sites with .edu or .org domain names:

".edu websites on William Faulkner"

.org websites on Edgar Allan Poe"


Databases for Literary Criticism

What Is Literary Criticism?

Literary criticism (also called literary analysis) consists of books, articles, Internet sites, or other forms of content created by individuals who have studied and written about a literary author and/or his works.

Keep in mind that criticism has not been published on all literary works - It is easier to find criticism on famous authors than on more obscure writers. Individual short stories, poems, and recently published works can also be challenging, .

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