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English 1010: Process Analysis

Emphasizes the development and improvement of written and oral communication abilities. Topics include analysis of writing, applied grammar and writing skills, editing and proofreading skills, research skills, and oral communication skills.

Process Analysis

Process Essay Visual Guide by Marci Manglitz

Sources for Process Analysis

For your Process Analysis Essay, you will need to use at least 2 scholarly resources to support your thesis and body paragraphs. They must be current (published within the last five years). 

What is a scholarly/library/peer reviewed source?

  • An article, book, e-book, or study that is published by a reliable and reputable publisher
  • Reviewed and written by professionals with advanced degrees in the field
  • Checked by a group of professionals for quality and accuracy

Use the databases below to begin your research and find your required sources!

Narrowing Your Search in GALILEO

Writing a Process Analysis Essay

MLA Citation

Google Hacks

Getting into Prewriting and Sample Process Analysis

Sample Process Analysis- Click the link below to see an example of a Process Analysis with scholarly sources and citations.

Sample Process Analysis Paper (MLA 9th)

Prewriting- The first and most important part of your writing process!

Creating an outline, mind map, or even a stream-of-consciousness writing exercise will help you:

  • Organize your thoughts into a coherent essay
  • Guide your research
  • Get you closer to your 400-word writing requirement! 

With an outline, you can clearly lay out the steps of your process, whether it be baking a cake, bypassing an EGR Cooler in a car coolant system, or revealing the process of writing an essay!

Remember that your essay must include a thesis statement, sources to back up different aspects of your process, and body paragraphs that are geared toward your audience and specifically support your thesis. 

See below for a few examples of each of these prewriting techniques!



Getting your process down on paper: Examples

Outline by Angela Moss-Hill

Other Resources