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E-Books: Getting started

View information about electronic books available through LTC's databases and other providers.

Reading or Downloading E-Books from GALILEO

Many of our E-Book Databases at LTC are available through EBSCO, so please use this page to navigate reading online, how to download, and how to use the EBSCO electronic books available through GALILEO. 

For ProQuest E-Books, please see the ProQuest E-Books tab on this guide.

To find E-Books not in GALILEO, such as free resources on the web, or via your public library system, check your local LTC campus tab.

See the GALILEO tab for information on accessing GALILEO, and your home campus library tab to see what electronic book options are available locally.

You may need to install an app based on how you wish to access the E-Book.  You do not need to install anything to read the book online.  See the "E-Book Viewer" box for more about reading the book online.

Please note: you may see a choice between a .pdf file and an EPUB format for an E-Book.  If available, choose to read or download in EPUB!

         EPUB is an open eBook standard and file format that is optimized for viewing on devices. It automatically resizes to fit your screen and when you adjust font size. EPUB is the recommended format for download and online reading and is compatible with many eReaders and reading apps

To read online:

Select your E-Book and view the "detailed record" page to see all options. Open the E-Book in the E-Book Viewer.  See the box below for more information. Select EPUB format if it's available.


To download:

Select your E-Book and view the "detailed record" page to see all options.  Choose EPUB format if available. The EBSCO Mobile App enables you to download eBooks and read them in the app without needing an Adobe ID or the Adobe Digital Editions app.

The EBSCO Mobile App is available for iOS and Android devices from the iTunes App store and Google Play.

Your device must be running:

  • Apple iPhones and iPads: iOS 11+
  • Android Devices: Android 9+
  • Chromebooks that support Android apps via Google Play

For more information on using the EBSCO Mobile App, please see:


Other than the EBSCO Mobile App, you have a few other options.

 Adobe Digital Editions, and/or Bluefire Reader:

Adobe Digital Editions is a free program that allows you to load the entire E-Book for viewing and transfer it to a device. If you want to download to an ipad (or Apple device) you will want to download the Bluefire Reader application or the database specific application.


Create a free account with the E-Book database: EBSCO allows you to download E-Books. You will need to create a free account online for each database to be able to send the E-Book to Adobe Digital Editions or Bluefire. Instructions to create an account are located in the box below. 

Read online or download?

With a book that is available in full text within an EBSCO database, you have the option to read the book online or download the book.

You can also choose to download only a chapter at a time from the book.  

For more information on downloading E-Books from EBSCO, see the boxes on this page regarding the EBSCO Mobile app.


Here's how to use an E-Book with the online reader:

eBook Viewer

eBooks can be read online in the eBook Viewer by clicking the eBook Full Text link on the Result List or Detailed Record.

eBook Viewer

In the top toolbar of the eBook Viewer, you can click the Back to ResultsNew Search, or Exit links to check in the eBook after you have finished viewing it.

Included in the column on the left, are tools that allow you to view the contents of an eBook, search within the text of the eBook and save a note on the eBook in your MyEBSCO folder.

  • Contents - Click to view the Table of Contents for the eBook title you are reading.

    • Publisher Permissions - The Publisher Permissions indicator displays the number of pages that can be printed or saved, whether copy/paste functionality is allowed, and whether the eBook can be downloaded to read offline. When printing/saving is allowed, the number of available pages is updated as you print or save eBook pages to your computer.

    • eBook Availability - The eBook Availability indicator displays the number of copies currently available from your institution.

    • Chapter Download - Click the Full Download icon [Chapter Download icon] to download a chapter of the eBook title you are viewing.

  • Search Within - Click to search for terms within the eBook. SeeSearching within eBooks

Video tutorials

Full EBSCO Guide to settings, requirements, downloads, and more

Searching for E-Books

This tutorial demonstrates the searching functionality for EBSCO eBooks as well as how to read eBooks online.

Downloading E-Books

This tutorial demonstrates how to download an E-Book from EBSCO


EBSCO E-Book Detailed Record

eBook Detailed Record

A Detailed Record can be viewed by clicking an E-Book title in the Result list. From the Detailed Record, you can read or download the E-Book using the links in the left column. From the right column, you can print, email, save, or export the record, as well as add the details about the E-Book to your folder.

If available, the Detailed Record displays the number of copies available via Concurrent Access.

Detailed Record 1

At the bottom of the Detailed Record, you can view Most Relevant Pages from this eBook and the Table of Contents. Both sections can be collapsed or expanded by clicking the plus (+) or minus (-) in the upper left corner of the section.

  • Most Relevant Pages from this eBook: Displays the most relevant sections of the eBook in which your search terms appear in the text.

  • Table of Contents: Displays the Table of Contents for the eBook you are viewing. Clicking on a hyperlinked chapter opens the chapter in the eBook Viewer tool.

Mobile App for downloading from EBSCO E-Book databases

EBSCO Mobile App - Quick Start Guide

If you would like to learn how to download EBSCO eBooks to your mobile device using your device's web browser, please see: Downloading EBSCO eBooks to Your Mobile Device - Tutorial

E-Books in GALILEO