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PowerNotes: Sharing & Collaborating

PowerNotes is a web app that helps with online research -- gathering and keeping track of source materials, staying organized, and creating a research outline.

Sharing Your Projects

There are two ways to share your projects in PowerNotes: from your Project Dashboard and from your Project Outline.

Option One: On your Project Dashboard, hover over a project card. Below the card the Share icon appears on the left. Click on the Share icon.

Option Two: To share from the Project Outline, click on the Share Icon beneath the project title.

When sharing, enter the email address of the individual and then select the type of share. There are two types of sharing:

Editors are able to contribute content (highlights, notes) to a project, as well as delete, edit, and reorganize highlights, notes, topic names, and more.

Commenters can view a project that is shared with them and comment on existing content. They cannot add, edit, delete, or reorganize content.

The individual will receive an email with the access link to your project. You can remove access to a project at any time.



Sharing and Collaborating