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PowerNotes: Troubleshooting

PowerNotes is a web app that helps with online research -- gathering and keeping track of source materials, staying organized, and creating a research outline.

PowerNotes Support

Most questions can be answered using this link:

If you have any suggestions or run into any problems, send PowerNotes your feedback here:

Browser Extension

How do I disable the browser extension?

You can find that information in Step 5 at this link,

What browsers are compatible with PowerNotes?

PowerNotes works with Chrome and Firefox (The Chrome extension works with MS Edge). You can access both extensions on their website, or at

How do I move the sidebar and get it out of my way?

You can expand or collapse the sidebar by clicking on the PowerNotes icon (to expand) or “minimize” icon (to collapse) in the lower right of the browser window. You can also adjust the width of the sidebar and move the minimized sidebar around your screen if it’s in your way.

Tutorials & Help

Reformatting PDFs to be Compatible with PowerNotes

Are you using a PDF that will not allow you to highlight the text and make annotations? No problem! PowerNotes makes it easy to correct. 

Upload Print Content to PowerNotes

If you’re working with a print out or physical book you can upload it to PowerNotes, highlight it and annotate just like any other digital source. Just follow these steps:

  1. Take good photos of the pages you would like to highlight with PowerNotes.
  2. Email the photos to yourself or use Dropbox to save them to your desktop. 
  3. Open the photos and save them as a PDF.
  4. Right click on the PDF and open it in your browser. Make sure you have the PowerNotes extension enabled. 
  5. The PowerNotes Extension should notify you that the PDF needs to be processed. Process the PDF.

Download and open the processed PDF. Now, depending on the overall quality of the document, you should be able to use PowerNotes on the content.