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Use this guide to learn ways to study and learn more efficiently and effectively.

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Eat That Frog! for Students

Adapted from Brian Tracy's international time-management bestseller, Eat That Frog!, this book will give today's stressed-out and overwhelmed students the tools for lifelong success.Like adults, students of all ages struggle with how to manage their time. Encountering the necessity of time management for the first time, high schoolers juggle classes, extracurricular activities (all but mandatory for college admissions), jobs, internships, family responsibilities, and more. College brings even more freedom and less structure, making time management even more critical.Brian Tracy's Eat That Frog! has helped millions around the world get more done in less time. Now this life-changing global bestseller has been adapted to the specific needs of students. Tracy offers readers tips, tools, and techniques for structuring time, setting goals, staying on task (even when you're not interested), dealing with stress, and developing the skills to achieve far more than you ever thought possible. This is the book that parents and teachers have long been wishing Tracy would write.

The Dyslexia, ADHD, and DCD-Friendly Study Skills Guide

This practical skills guide helps young people with who learn differently including those with dyslexia, DCD/dyspraxia and ADHD, study for their exams.Students who learn differently can often find exams challenging and can experience a good deal of anxiety around exam time, leading to exam results that may not accurately reflect their capabilities. Much exam stress arises from a lack of confidence with the ability to learn and retain information in a meaningful way. This engaging workbook is designed to help students to overcome these issues. It not only shows students how to develop a positive success attitude towards study and exams, but also aims to equip them with powerful strategies and techniques for learning and remembering. The book offers strategies for learners whose methods of learning are multisensory. When learning is active rather than passive, it happens faster, and is easier, more enjoyable and more effective. As you progress through the fun, engaging activities, so your confidence and belief in your ability to learn will increase. Struggling students will become confident, successful learners, with a positive attitude and access to a wide range of effective strategies, and in this way, you will achieve the results in exams that you have worked for and deserve.

College Study Hacks

Students will learn how to take the best notes, time management skills, and the low-down on sleep, caffeine, and food. You'll learn how to write better papers, how to take tests more efficiently, and how to be a better reader.

Study with Me

Inspired by the global "study with me" /#studygram phenomenon: Study smarter, stay motivated, improve your grades—all by taking better, more effective notes! Written by Jasmine Shao, founder of popular YouTube channel and Instagram account @studyquill, and Alyssa Jagan, founder of @craftyslimecreator and author of the DIY book Ultimate Slime,Study with Me includes everything you need to set and achieve your study goals using simple-to-master bullet journaling techniques: The basics of bullet journaling, and how to adapt them to your specific studying needs and goalsMethods for organizing your time and schedulingIdeas for page and spread layouts for specific topics and how to set them upPlus: Dos and don'ts, hacks, and assorted tips for beginnersWith Study with Me, you'll learn the note-taking and organizational skills you need to achieve success!

101 Ways to Make Studying Easier and Faster for College Students

In this totally revised second edition, learn how to create an effective study environment, get organized, and more. We will provide you with various studying methods such as the proven SQ3R method, as well as exercises to improve your skills.

Teach Yourself How to Learn

Following up on her acclaimed Teach Students How to Learn that describes teaching strategies to facilitate dramatic improvements in student learning and success, Saundra McGuire here presents these "secrets" direct to students.

Her message is that "Any student can use simple, straightforward strategies to start making A’s in their courses and enjoy a lifetime of deep, effective learning."

Beginning with explaining how expectations about learning, and the study efforts required, differ between college and secondary school, the author introduces her readers, through the concept of metacognition, to the importance and powerful consequences of understanding themselves as learners. This framework and the recommended strategies that support it are useful for anyone moving on to a more advanced stage of education, so this book also has an intended audience of students preparing to go to high school, graduate school, or professional school.

In a conversational tone, and liberally illustrated by anecdotes of past students, the author combines introducing readers to concepts like Bloom’s Taxonomy (to illuminate the difference between studying and learning), fixed and growth mindsets, as well as to what brain science has to tell us about rest, nutrition and exercise, together with such highly specific learning strategies as how to read a textbook, manage their time and take tests.

With engaging exercises and thought-provoking reflections, this book is an ideal motivational and practical text for study skills and first year experience courses.

Maximize Your Memory

International Bestseller:A world-record holder in memorization shares his methods! Each of us has the ability to develop and improve our minds in amazing ways. All you need is motivation, an effective method, and an expert guide. Ramon Campayo's method shows you the fastest, easiest, and most effective way to: •Drastically and almost immediately increase your memorization capacity and reading speed •Enhance your learning methods, study techniques, and psychological preparation •Improve your study habits and prepare for exams Maximize Your Memory is not only for students who want to reach their best potential and perform better on tests, but for anyone who dreams of increasing his or her mental capacity. It comes from a master who has broken fifteen world records—and performed such feats as memorizing over 23,000 words in seventy-two hours

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PrepStep via GALILEO

PrepStep is an amazing resource, available through GALILEO.  You can find information on placement tests, job skills, specific areas of study, such as algebra, job certification exams (such as professional licensing exams), but you can also find great college and study skills information.  Click below to link.  You'll make an account to use PrepStep, so you can track progress when taking practice exams, etc.  Ask a librarian if you need help using PrepStep!

You will need to search for the terms listed upon logging in at this time.  

Link to PrepStep here.

Organizational Strategies

Achieve Your Goals

What do you hope to accomplish today, at the end of the semester, after a year, or in five years? College is the perfect time to examine (or reexamine) these questions to make sure you're on track. Take this tutorial to learn goal-setting strategies for success, including how to set short-, intermediate-, and long-term goals. 

Effective Multitasking

To be a successful college student, you'll need to juggle many tasks. In this tutorial, learn how multitasking can help you improve learning, manage tasks, and save time. You'll come to appreciate the best multitasking has to offer, and discover time-wasting traps to avoid!

Get Organized

Being organized is a skill that you can learn to get more done with less stress. Whether your study space is filled with clutter, you constantly misplace things, or you just want some new organizational strategies, this tutorial will help you learn tips and tricks to best organize yourself for success in college—and beyond!

Manage Your Time

With all the tasks to keep track of in college, knowing how to manage your time well can make a big difference. In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to make the best use of your time through prioritizing, the creation of study plans, and using time-saving strategies for academic success.

Classroom Success

Strategies for Success in Online Classes

Today, it’s quite common to take courses that are either partially or entirely online. With all that you have going on, being able to learn online is convenient! In this unit, you’ll learn what online learning is and strategies for success.

Reading Strategies for Class

Given all the demands on your time, reading strategically—with a plan and goal in mind—will ensure you get the most out of your classes. In this tutorial, pick up useful tips and approaches to effective reading and review. Learning to read academic content takes time and practice—but it is essential for classroom success!

Memorization Tips and Tricks

Do you have endless hours to study and memorize information? Probably not—and it would get pretty boring if you did! In this tutorial, you’ll learn tips and tricks to remember exactly what you need to know. Not only will these memorization strategies help you recall important material for class, they will make the process of recalling that information faster and easier.

Note-taking Strategies

Every day, you're hit with all kinds of information. Note-taking is an important skill that helps you take in and understand that information. Whether you are a student or are already working, developing and refining your note-taking skills can help you succeed. In this tutorial, you’ll learn the concepts behind note-taking and how to be a better note-taker.

Effective Classroom Listening

If you really pay attention to all of the noise around you, you'll be surprised by all that you hear. How do you cut through the noise and really listen to what's important? In this tutorial, learn the best listening strategies to improve your learning and focus on what’s important in class.

Articles and Ebooks

Avoid These 10 Study Pitfalls

One of the hardest parts about studying is getting started. It takes organization and the ability to prioritize. In this article, learn the major pitfalls to avoid when studying.

Become a Successful Learner

Learn five tips to help you be successful in your academic journey. Good study skills are ingredients for success whatever your age or education level!

Taking Good Notes

Learning to take good notes is a skill you'll need throughout your life. This guide provides helpful hints for writing better notes. The main point to keep in mind is that less is more!