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Study Skills: Test Taking Strategies

Use this guide to learn ways to study and learn more efficiently and effectively.

Testing at LTC

If you're looking for practice tests, skills prep, or certification exam practice, please be sure to check out our database PrepStep.  It's available through GALILEO- you'll need to create an account, mainly so you can save your progress or get recommendations for study skills within the database.  Many practice tests for career certification are there.

We also have many exam practice guides in the library, so be sure to check the catalog or our LibGuide for Testing.  You can also search the catalog for the PrepStep practice guides- just search for "learning express AND the name of the test you're looking for, such as 'learning express AND TEAS.'"

The rest of this page deals with taking tests within the classroom and skills and tricks for doing your best.


  Study Stack lets you create flashcards.  Free Android/iOS/web.
  Brainscape is another flashcard creation site.  Free Android/iOS/web.
 Quizlet has magic cards, flashcards, AI-driven tutoring.  Free Android/iOS/web.


Multiple Choice & True or False test tips

Test Anxiety

Watch a video on overcoming test anxiety