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Faculty Resources: Accessibility in Blackboard

This guide is an introduction to the library and our services for Lanier Technical College Faculty.

Accessibility in Blackboard

Accessibility Checklist

  1. Use proper headings when creating course contents
  2. Add an alternative (ALT) description to images and graphics
  3. Ensure audio and video files containing speech have closed captions or a text equivalent
  4. Use self-describing hyperlink text
  5. Ensure that all tables have column headers
  6. Don’t use scanned PDFs
  7. Ensure that the PDF has a title and is tagged
  8. Ensure that there is sufficient contrast between text and background
  9. Use Accessibility checkers built in Microsoft office and Adobe Acrobat


Georgia Library Service for the Blind and Print Disabled (GLS):

GLS, a division of the Georgia Public Library Service, is a free library service for Georgia residents of any age who are unable to read standard print due to a visual, physical, or reading disability. Services are delivered through a network including our walk-in library and our distribution center.

Although physically located in Atlanta, GLS serves the entire state, offering books and magazines in braille or audio formats through postage-free mail or via download.

In addition to accessible reading materials, we offer in-person and virtual library programs such as book clubs, summer reading programs, and social events.

View the website here.