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Faculty Resources: How To...

This guide is an introduction to the library and our services for Lanier Technical College Faculty.

How to...

Lanier Tech Library's electronic resources are available 24/7 and can be accessed from anywhere. All of our electronic resources are available through GALILEO, which requires single sign on for remote access.

Not sure where to start?

Popular GALILEO Databases

Best practice is to link to material within GALILEO, whether it be an article, book chapter, or encyclopedia entry. Linking to content, rather than adding PDFs, ensures faculty are following usage guidelines and not violating copyright restrictions.
To ensure resources are linked properly, faculty should use a link either labeled Document URL or Permalink.  These links can frequently be found in the Abstract of the resource, either towards the bottom or right side menu.
For EBSCO databases:
Step 1: Click on the Permalink chain on the lower right side of the abstract
Step 2: Copy & paste the entire link that appears in the permalink box above the abstract.  Do not use the link in the browser's navigation bar.

For ProQuest databases:
Step 1:  Click on the 3 dot circle on the right side of the abstract
Step 2:  Copy & paste the entire link that appears under the All Save Options title.  Do not use the link in the browser's navigation bar.



Embedding videos within Blackboard is currently not working properly.  As a work around until TCSG can correct the issue, please follow these instructions:

  1. Go to Films on Demand
  2. Search and find a film
  3. Select film then select Share
  4. Select Embed/link tab
  5. Copy LTI Link

In Blackboard:

  1. Build Content
  2. Select Web Link
  3. Give link a name
  4. Paste URL you copied from Films on Demand
  5. Submit.

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