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Faculty Resources: Purchasing Materials

This guide is an introduction to the library and our services for Lanier Technical College Faculty.

Collection Request Form

Weeding the Collection

Periodically, the library removes material from the collection through the process of weeding. We evaluate resources on age, circulation statistics, duplication, and condition.

In order to be sure we aren't deleting material considered important by faculty, we send a list out to relevant faculty when removing material. We encourage feedback, especially if you want items retained or updated.

If you have any questions about this process, please email Marci Manglitz at

Purchasing Materials

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A library's collection is strongest with faculty input. The Lanier Tech Libraries strongly encourage faculty to submit collection requests in support of their programs or areas of instruction.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are requests limited to just books?

A: No! We accept requests for most material, either physical or digital. If it is a resource that can benefit the students in your program, we want to know about.

Q: Will you buy copies of textbooks?

A: Yes, the library is willing to purchase one copy per campus of a textbook if requested. We do ask that you let us know it is a textbook in advance, so we can place our copy in course reserves. We also accept donations of textbooks, if you have more than one copy!

Q: I really want to show a particular DVD in my course. Can you purchase it?

A: Maybe. While the library supports classroom instruction, our main mission is to provide resources for the entire Lanier Tech community. DVDs purchased for classroom instruction are often cost prohibitive and cannot be used by students outside of the classroom. Please reach out to us about what DVDs you have in mind, so we can discuss.

Q: When can I submit purchase requests?

A: Anytime! We accept requests all year. If something is required by a specific date, please let us know as soon as possible so we can allow processing time.

Q: I am interested in submitting some requests, but I'm not sure what you already have. How can I find out?

A: Reach out to your campus librarian and we can provide you a list of physical material we own, as well as a sample of some of the digital content.

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