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Faculty Resources: PowerNotes

This guide is an introduction to the library and our services for Lanier Technical College Faculty.

Using the PowerNotes Outline & Providing Feedback

The PowerNotes outline is a powerful instructional tool. At any point in the research process, students can share an outline of their current research with the click of a button. This allows instructors to request that students turn in outlines periodically without imposing any additional burden beyond the necessary work of gathering and analyzing sources. This PowerNotes feature provides educators with a number of new instructional opportunities, including direct ways of providing feedback for your students. 

Using PowerNotes to Improve Digital Reading

In online learning environments, students are navigating a lot of information. From the infrastructure of the online class itself to the content that students are asked to read, we need to acknowledge the importance of supporting students in adjusting to key differences involved in reading and researching online.

Using PowerNotes for Remote Teaching + Writing

Carolyn Pickrel of California State University Sacramento explains how she uses PowerNotes to facilitate structured teaching and writing in a time of distance learning.

PowerNotes for Rhetorical & Composition Theory

Dr. Jill Parrott, Associate Chair and Director of First-Year Writing at Eastern Kentucky University, describes how she guided her students in a graduate course in composition theory to use PowerNotes collaboratively to teach synthesis, create a literature review, and prepare a professional presentation.

Preventing Plagiarism, Procrastinating, and Purchasing Papers

These tips can help you use PowerNotes to deter students from behaviors that can lead to serious consequences.